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STRATegic market research and COMmunications

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WELCOME ! to StratCom (Shara Rosen) Website. A monthly visit to this web site will provide you with up-to-date news on diagnostics industry research and product developments, as well as issues related to health care in Canada (information is updated the first week of each month).

The service is provided absolutely free.

Thank you very much stopping by.

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Company Profile

StratCom, a Canadian source for diagnostics and biomedical market information

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StratCom provides market information services to the diagnostics and medical biotechnology industries

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Reports available for purchase

A short list of some of the reports available for purchase

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Product developments worldwide

A review of diagnostic product developments worldwide

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Molecular Biology

Advances in molecular biology that will impact the nature of diagnostic tests and instrumentation

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Research News

A review of diagnostics related medical research worldwide

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A list of significant CANADIAN health care, diagnostics and biotechnology websites provided for your convenience

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Health Care in Canada

News about the changing face of healthcare delivery in Canada

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Information Technology and Healthcare

Selected developments in the use of information technology in medical devices and diagnostic tests

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Shara RosenShara Rosen, R.T., M.B.A.
4100 Benny #111
Montreal, QC Canada H4B 2R8
Tel: (514) 369-8607
Fax: (514) 369-8607
E-mail : stratcom@pagebleu.com

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