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StratCom established in 1988, offers an extensive knowledge of N. American and international scientific and health care issues, supported by extensive print media experience. This body of knowledge has been developed via careers in medical laboratory technology, marketing management, market research and health care journalism.

StratCom's senior consultant, SHARA ROSEN, R.T., M.B.A., has been involved in the medical biotechnology industry since 1971. She has worked as a laboratory technologist, a marketing services manager for a diagnostics company, and a freelance journalist and editor for medical trade journals. In addition, she has authored reports on diagnostic trends worldwide, vaccine development, infectious diseases, biosensor technology, health care informatics and point-of-care testing.

Our database, initiated in 1996, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of national and international markets has been successfully used to serve in vitro diagnostic and medical device companies around the world. Our services have contributed to:

  • technology assessment,
  • market intelligence,
  • product sourcing, and
  • market evaluation.

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Recent Projects

IVD Service Conundrum: Too Little, Too Much 2007
Cancer Diagnostics 2007
Cell-based Diagnostics 2007
IVD Technology POC Webinar 2007
Physician Office Market 2006
Point of Care Diagnostics 2006
Lateral Flow Diagnostics 2006
The Influenza Pandemic - tests and therapeutics (Scrip reports) 2005
Cancer Diagnostics, world trends (Kalorama) 2005
Product Regulatory and Commercialization issues for WHO 2004
Diagnostic Trends Worldwide (Theta, Kalorama, 4 issues) 1997 - 2004
Trends in Cell Therapeutics - Promise and Reality (Kalorama) 2004
Rx-to-OTC Switching: Marketing Issues and Strategies 2004
Successful New Product Commercialization (Kalorama) 2003
Advanced Wound Care Markets (Theta) 2002
Worldwide Market for Cancer Diagnostics (Kalorama) 2002/2005
Cardiovascular Tests and Therapies (Theta) 2001
World Diabetes Markets - 2010 plus (Theta) 2001
Trends in transplant medicine, worldwide (Theta) 2000
Trends in ultrasensitive immunoassay and nucleic acid labels 2000
Genomic enabled diagnostics testing (Theta) 2000
Vaccine Opportunities 1999/2001/2003
Information Technology and Medical Devices 1999
Hot Trends in Medical Devices 1999
Infectious Disease Markets, Worldwide 1998
POC Markets Opportunities and Threats 1998
A market assessment of biosensor developments worldwide 1998
International Microbiology/Virology Test Markets 1997
Diagnostic Trends Worldwide - SenMed Medical Ventures 1996
POC Canada - Baseline 1996 1996
Presentations - Health care market trends 1995-present
Customer Satisfaction Survey 1993, 96, 98
Canadian Automation and Computerization Report 1994
Canadian Point-of-Care Markets Report 1994 & 96

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Selected Client List

Proprietary studies and marketing communications projects:
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Beckman Coulter Instruments
  • Biopool Canada
  • Helena Laboratories
  • Nova Biomedical Canada
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • Bayer Diagnostics
  • Dade Behring Diagnostics
  • Biosite Diagnostics
  • Inter Medico
  • Organon Teknika
  • Roche Diagnostics (Boehringer Mannheim)

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International Collaborations

In addition, StratCom has maintained the following international market research and communications collaborations:
  • Asiatic Research, San Francisco, CA
  • Clinica, London, UK
  • Credo Consulting, Munich, Germany
  • Diagnostic Intelligence, Maplewood, NJ
  • Gardner Savage & Associates, Bound Brook, NJ
  • Genesis Group, Montclair, NJ
  • Glover, Leonard & Redshaw, Brussels, Belgium
  • Kalorama / Marketresearch.com, New Yok, NY
  • Katan Associates, Boston, MA
  • SenMed Medical Ventures, Cincinnati, OH
  • Theta Reports and Consulting Group, New York, NY
Our expertise, though originally based in in vitro diagnostics, has expanded to include: vaccines, diagnostic imaging, biosensors, information technology, food safety and biopharmaceuticals.

In addition, since 1994 we have performed proprietary and syndicated market research studies for all the major in vitro diagnostic products marketers, including: Abbott Diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Dade Behring International, Inter Medico, Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur, bioMérieux and Helena Laboratories.

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