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Healthcare in Canada - July 1996

MedisHealth and Pharmaceutical Services Inc., Mississauga, ON has launched a third party logistics service that helps hospitals MANAGE INVENTORY. The move into logistics was a natural evolution for Medis which was already a wholesale supplier of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to hospitals. The company has facilities across the country and 30,000 units of products in stock. Medis supplies the hospital with its Econolink software, which enables the institution to connect directly with the Medis computer network to place order electronically. Hospitals get their order the next day and medis has estimated it cuts out 40 to 50 purchase orders a day.

Dynacare Inc. and the OTTAWA GENERAL HOSPITAL have signed a memorandum of understanding to create a partnership to provide medical diagnostic laboratory services for hospitals and the community. The plans are expected to be finalized by the fall of 1996.

ONTARIO's Health Services Restructuring Commission has announced it is ready to start work in London and in Lambton County. The commission has already published its decisions on health services restructuring in Thunder Bay, and on June 24 started work in Metro Toronto and Sudbury. Duncan Sinclair, chair, said: "There have been huge changes in health care over recent years. Medical procedures have improved, and so have drug therapies and surgical techniques. Very often people have day surgery instead of checking into a hospital, and if they do stay in hospital it's for a much shorter time." Because of these changes about 9,000 hospital beds have been closed across Ontario over the past five years, the equivalent of 30 medium-sized hospitals. " We all know we can't keep on spending money maintaining buildings we don't need, and on duplicated services and waste," he said. "We must put our resources into health care services that people really need."

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