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The following is a review of developments affecting health care in Canada

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Healthcare in Canada - November 1996

The University of Calgary's Faculty of Medicine has received a $675,000 research grant to fund gastrointestinal research. Searle Canada, a research-based pharmaceutical company is providing the research grant to establish the new Searle Gastrointestinal Research Unit at the University. The investment will fund three years of targeted research in the field of gastrointestinal disease. The research team at the university has developed a new, simple method of detecting gastric ulcers that will be commercially available in 1997.

Excel Bestview Medical Laboratories, Mississauga, ON has become the first clinical medical laboratory in the world to be registered under ISO 9002. The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standard bodies and ISO 9002 is a quality assurance management system standard. The lab has also designed the CLaRA (Core Laboratory Robotic Automation) system that has been installed in the facility.

The Ontario Health Services Restructuring Commission has released its report and recommendations on restructuring hospital services in Lambton County covers the area of the province near Sarnia. The restructuring plan calls for Sarnia General Hospital, St. Joseph's Health Centre and Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital (CEEH) to retain their separate governance structures under a single administrative organization, and to share support services and medical staff. Sarnia General and St. Joseph's Health Centre will be co-located on the St. Joseph's site by April 30, 1997. The Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital will be transformed into a rural primary and community care centre, while retaining its Ontario hospital designation. The Commission is recommending to the Minister of Health that a budget of up to $21.7 million be approved for St. Joseph's and Sarnia General to expand and renovate the St. Joseph's site, and that up to $4 million be approved for equipment and furnishings. It is also recommending a budget of up to $2.5 million for renovations at CEEH to accommodate the new ambulatory care activity. As a result of clinical efficiencies, program transfers and integration of support and administrative services, restructuring Lambton County's three hospitals will result in annual savings of approximately $22 million.

The Doctors Hospital, Toronto, will be Ontario's first Ambulatory Day Hospital. The hospital is already 80% of the way to complete transformation into a day hospital. With only 30 hospital beds and the largest range of day medical and surgical treatment programs in the country, the Doctors Hospital can offer many real examples, and human life stories, of ambulatory care in action.

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and Hyal Pharmaceutical Corporation are collaborating on research designed to link the findings of basic laboratory research with the delivery of potential treatments for vascular disease and cancerous tumors.

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