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The following is a review of developments affecting health care in Canada

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Healthcare in Canada - March 1997

Dynacare Inc. a Toronto-based provider of clinical laboratory services in Canada and the United States, is planning to purchase its outstanding common shares and go private. Minority shareholders will receive C$6.45 in cash for each subordinate voting share and each multiple voting share. In 1996, the company had sales of approximately US $180 million.

Saliva Diagnostic Systems Inc., Vancouver, Wash, (SDS) has signed a letter of intent with Advanced Pathology Services Canada Inc., Edmonton, Alberta whereby APS will sell SDS' rapid HIV blood and saliva-based tests. APS Canada Inc. provides specialized human and veterinary testing services, and maintains a laboratory exclusively devoted to saliva testing.

The Ontario Health Services Restructuring Commission has recommended closing 10 of Toronto's 44 hospitals to cut costs. The shutdowns would eliminate 1,750 beds, more than 20 percent of the city's total, and could put several thousand nurses and other employees out of work. The commission said closing the 10 Toronto hospitals, and converting two others to walk-in clinics, would save $318 million a year. It suggested that 15 percent of the savings be reinvested in home care and long-term care, and one-third used to upgrade existing hospitals.

In the downtown core, the Commission has made the following recommendations: Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and The Toronto Hospital, including the Western Division, to establish a joint committee, the Joint University Avenue Hospitals. The Orthopedic and Arthritic Hospital and Women's College Hospital will close and amalgamate with Sunnybrook Health Science Centre to form a single hospital corporation on the Sunnybrook site. St. Michael's Hospital will assume ownership, operation, management and control of the Wellesley Central Hospital. The Central Hospital site will become an ambulatory care centre. The Wellesley site will close. Doctors Hospital will close and its services will be fully integrated into the Western Division of The Toronto Hospital.

The Queensway General Hospital will amalgamate with The Mississauga Hospital to form a single hospital corporation. The Queensway General site will become an ambulatory care centre. North York General Hospital will assume operation and management of North York Branson Hospital which will close.

The burn programs at the Wellesley Central Hospital and Scarborough General Hospital will be transferred to the Sunnybrook site.

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