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The following is a review of developments affecting health care in Canada

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Healthcare in Canada - May 1997

Saliva Diagnostic Systems, Vancouver, Wash, has signed a sales and distribution agreement with APS Canada to sell SDS rapid diagnostic tests and patented test components in Canada and selected countries worldwide especially in the Middle East and parts of Asia. APS will distribute SDS products including Saliva*Sampler, a general purpose saliva collection device with patented sample volume indicator; Omni*SWAB, an ejectable absorption device for mini-vial transport systems; Saliva*Strip HIV, a self-contained rapid test that samples saliva and gives results in minutes; Hema*Strip HIV, a rapid, on-site whole blood test; and Sero*Strip HIV, a serum-based HIV.

A group of Calgary medical, health and business professionals has joined together to establish an acute care medical center in the original Salvation Army Grace Hospital in Calgary. The Health Resource Group Medical Center (Calgary) will operate in complete compliance with the Canada Health Act. The facility will have 37 medical and surgical beds, 8 day surgery beds, three operating theaters, and 6 post operative recovery beds. The medical center will be capable of providing a complete range of primary/secondary medical, surgical and rehabilitation services to a variety of patients including; uninsured patients, patients seeking health services not covered under the AHIC plan, and patients who are referred to the center by a Regional Health Authority,

Dr. Claude Bouchard, Professor of Exercise Physiology with the Physical Activity Sciences Laboratory, Université Laval, has been awarded $1 million as the recipient of Canada's first Research Chair in Obesity. The Chair, established by Hoffmann-La Roche Limited (Roche Canada) with the Medical Research Council (MRC) will provide the foundation for a broad-based Canadian center devoted to obesity research, communication and training.

A $507 million Ontario hospital budget reduction previously planned for 1998/99 will be rescheduled and the savings obtained over a longer period, as restructuring is implemented. As well the government is providing $850 million to cover one-time restructuring costs, including severance and renovation costs for, 1996/97 and a further $450 million for 1997/98.

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