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The following is a review of developments affecting health care in Canada

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Healthcare in Canada - April 1998

Bayer Inc. has presented the new amalgamated Centre universitaire de sante de l'Estrie (CUSE) a $1.5 million three-year research grant to support the work of scientists at the Centre for Research and Evaluation in Diagnostics (CRED), a federally and provincially funded Centre which is part of CUSE's Clinical Research Centre. The investment will enable researchers to continue working in a variety of areas - for example, the development of new and improved diagnostic tests and sophisticated laboratory technology.

CRED researchers are working to identify and develop a wide variety of new tests which will provide better and earlier diagnosis of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. CRED researchers are also evaluating up to 100 recently developed laboratory tests using innovative Bayer technology to determine if they are reliable enough to be used in a clinical setting.

In April, Statistics Canada released the first report on the Survey of Biotechnology Use in Canadian Industries. The objective of this survey was to measure the use of biotechnology by firms, chosen among industries with a reasonable likelihood of finding biotechnology users. The survey, conducted in March 1997 among 3,400 establishments, also examined various factors influencing the adoption of biotechnology.

Of the firms surveyed, 14% indicated they used at least one biotechnology in their activities. In most cases, biotechnology had been in use for 5 to 10 years. CONTACT: Antoine Rose, Science and Technology Redesign Project 613-951-9919

Gamma Biologicals Inc. has named Dominion Biologicals Ltd., Nova Scotia as exclusive distributor in Canada for the Gamma-ReACT Test System, a patented microcolumn gel technology designed for the rapid detection of red blood cell antibodies.

Saskatchewan Health Minister Clay Serby, on behalf of provincial and territorial Health Ministers, announced the appointment of a 13-member Board of Directors of the new Canadian Blood Services (CBS). "The appointment of the new CBS board marks an important milestone in the transfer of responsibility for Canada's blood supply system from the Canadian Red Cross Society (CRCS) to the new CBS," Minister Serby remarked.

The new CBS Board will operate at arm's length from governments and will play a key role in ensuring that Canadians have access to safe and adequate supplies of blood, blood products and their alternatives. Canada's Health Ministers concluded that a new national blood authority was needed to address concerns over the safety and security of Canada's blood supply system identified through the Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada (Krever Inquiry), and to meet Canadians' expectations for a system that makes safety paramount.

The 13-person CBS Board will be chaired by Ken Fyke, currently President and Chief Executive Officer, Capital Health Region, Victoria. The remaining board members include individuals representing the following interests: two consumer representatives, six representatives from the medical, technical, scientific, business and public health sectors, and four regional representatives (for the Atlantic region; Ontario; Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories; and, British Columbia and the Yukon). Quebec has announced its intention to establish its own blood services, integrated into its health care system.

The CBS will assume responsibility for operating Canada's blood supply system from the CRCS fall 1998. The Canadian Blood Services - Transition Bureau, appointed by Health Ministers on October 15, 1997, is currently responsible for managing the safe and effective transfer of the CRCS blood program to the CBS.

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