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The following is a review of developments affecting health care in Canada

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Healthcare in Canada - December 1998

Hamilton Ontario's regional laboratory program and private-sector partner MDS Laboratory Services have launched a telepathology service, a tele-network which links pathologists and other medical experts to remote health care delivery sites. Telepathology uses telecommunication lines, special PC workstations, robotic microscopes and video-teleconferencing equipment such as digital cameras. The network will allows medical and technical diagnostic experts at multiple sites to share digital images normally seen only directly through a microscope.

Ontario Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer announced that Ontario's prenatal screening program is being expanded to include voluntary prenatal HIV testing for pregnant women. Expanding the prenatal testing program is endorsed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS. Researchers estimate that there were a total of 1,870 women in Ontario with HIV in 1996. Of these, only 1,200 had been diagnosed. The government anticipates that each year 150,000 women will access this service. The annual cost of the testing is estimated at $775,000.

Canada and Switzerland recently signed an agreement on regulatory cooperation to boost bilateral trade. The agreement is structured to ensure that goods imported from Switzerland meet all current Canadian safety requirements, and vice versa, and pertains to products of telecommunications and information technology, electrical safety, electro-magnetic compatibility, medical devices, as well as manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical goods.

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